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Dr. Darrell Johnson Bio

Dr. Darrell Johnson is a Washington, DC native and veteran educator with more than thirty years of service. He is a speaker, author, and lecturer. He is often described as innovative, progressive and passionate. Strongly influenced by his rearing from his maternal grandmother, he's a retired school superintendent who shares authentic life experiences via a mix of inspiring, encouraging and real-world events. His autobiography debuts with a young leader learning his faith will enable him to overcome obstacles. After serving stints as custodian, HVAC assistant, nursing attendant, reporter and college basketball official, just to name a few, this English teacher turned superintendent has a testimony that will ignite a battery of emotions for the readers and audiences. He aspires to the idea that “It Ain’t in the Book” when it comes to learning life’s lessons for leadership. Dr. Johnson is also the President/CEO of Premier Education Consultants.

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