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1. Keynote Speaker at the Responsive Classroom Leadership/Teacher Conference in Chicago 2016. Topic: The Education Revolution

900 participants from 35 states and 9 different countries

2. Professional Development Sessions (summer and fall) for entire district at Randolph County School District, Cuthbert, Ga. (2018)

3. Keynote address at beginning of school convocation at Florence District 2 (2018)

4. Breakout session on "Hope Begins with a Promise" at National Association of Black School Educators 2018 conference in Baltimore

5. SC Career and Technology Educators 2017 State Superintendent of the Year

6. Key presenter for CSW Aspiring Superintendents Leadership Program, Downers Grove, Ill

7. Keynote presentation for SC School Board Association for Board Chairpersons (2016) Hilton Head, SC

8. Breakout sessions at SCASA

9. President of the Superintendent's division at SCASA (2017)

10. SC High School League Executive Committee member (2008-2012)

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